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Chris Moneymaker is no stranger to the World Series of Poker's Main Event final table. An iconic poker player, Moneymaker is at least partly behind the fact that the game has achieved such a high level of popularity. Despite the fact that this is shaping up to be a memorable event, he says that he doesn't expect to watch too much of this year's final table, but will probably tune in to catch the end.

Joe McKeehen is also no stranger to poker, having won a Hasbro-sponsored "Risk" world championship at only 10 years old. He went on to graduate with a bachelor's degree in mathematics from Arcadia University in 2013. McKeehen spent most of his four-month break increasing his bankroll by $90,125, coming first in the Wynn Fall Classic main event. Sitting comfortably at the top nine people heap, McKeehen has more than two times his nearest competitor's number of chips.

For a game full of young men, Blumenfield is a bit of an anomaly. He and Pierre Neuville can boast that they are the oldest competitors to have reached the final table in the modern era. The U. C. Berkeley graduate has a bachelor's degree in political science and a master's degree in methodology and comparative communism.

He said that it was a computer science and statistics course that was life-changing for him. This course led him to co-found Elastic Intelligence, a company that went on to sell to Intuit in June 2013. He left this tech company just before the main event started in July. Blumenfield says he had had enough of tech work and is now ready to play more tournaments.

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A new form of computer spyware affecting online poker players has been detected by security company ESET.

Like any other computer trojan, this sneaky malware - Win32/Spy.Odlanor - can be unintentionally installed on a computer when the victim downloads an infected app or other piece of online software. It was first found lurking in a piece of software designed to help poker enthusiasts to play better. It has assumed the appearance of a benign installer for various general-purpose programs, including Daemon Tools or mTorrent.

"We have seen this trojan masquerading as a number of benign installers for various general purpose programs, such as Daemon Tools or uTorrent. In other cases, the spyware is installed through various poker-related programs," said Robert Lipovsky, a senior malware researcher at ESET.

ESET said the spyware has been active for several months, and that hundreds of users have already been infected by the malware. Most of the victims that have been infected so far are in Eastern Europe, particularly in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

The attackers are using this malicious spyware to give them a chance to peek at the poker player's virtual hand on popular gambling sites. Screenshots of the victim's computer screen are then taken and sent to the remote attacker's computer. Because the attacker can see the victim's cards, the attacker has an unfair advantage and is much more likely to win each game.

At this point, the researchers are not clear whether the attackers are manually playing the games or are using technology to play the games automatically.

In any case, this problem should be dealt with soon. Otherwise, how are the poker players going to take home WSOP bracelets?

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Businessman and high-stakes poker play, Dan Bilzerian is known to promote his status and wealth on his social media accounts, especially Instagram. But recently, his posts have been the subject of an in-depth article written on Vice that makes the claim that Bilzerian "is a beneficiary of, and party to, white collar crimes committed by his father."

In the month of April, Bilzerian was known to have played several games of poker with Senator Rand Paul. This meeting happened not long after Bilzerian was cleared of a bomb-making charge in Nevada. The controversy is nothing new for the man who says he once won $ 10.8 million in a single session of poker.

In 1993, he had been slapped with a $62 million fine from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of US for fraud.

So, are people out to destroy the legend of Dan Bilzerian? Some will say yes. Others will say that taking advantage of marginally legal and financial loopholes to keep your illicit million away from government seizure so you can thrive is the American way.

The article argues Bilzerian has been given more than a helping hand financially by his father Paul Bilzerian, when he was younger. It is questionable whether he would be as successful if he hadn't had his father's backing.

The article admits that "it's hard to definitively prove" some of the statements that have been made in the press about Bilzerian, "but all signs point to" them. This author will let you make up your own mind based on the facts.

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Daniel Negreanu is used to winning at poker table plenty times, he have collected more than $30 million in his lifetime tournament earnings.

"The idea of owning a piece of an NHL team is the coolest thing ever," Negreanu, 41, told the Toronto Sun.

Negreanu is a huge hockey fan, and even though he might not be able to own Toronto Maple Leafs, having an interest in a Las Vegas team might be the best thing for him. He has helped Foley spearhead the season tickets to skyrocket and sell over 13,000 season tickets.

That is not surprising take at all. After all, Las Vegas has been runner of the expansion of talking (with Quebec) for sometime, and NHL should make a decision to expand this year.

The team's most important owner is billionaire Bill Foley, who has became the face of the public who is trying to bring hockey to Las Vegas.

"I just don't see it not happening," Negreanu told the newspaper. "We have a solid owner, an arena, and we sold 13,000 season tickets."

"If we sell 10,000 tickets, we'll be amazed if we don't get a franchise," Foley said that to the Las Vegas Review-Journal in January. "It would be a shock."

At the beginning of this year, potential fans of the team, which Negreanu is hoping to be named Las Vegas the Rat Pack, was given the opportunity to purchase potential season tickets worth $150.

Negreanu aka "Kid Poker," considers, moreover, that the heat and the limitability of the state income tax will bring agents to the city and to build a competitor for the Stanley Cup in short order.

There have been criticisms of the idea to bring hockey to Las Vegas, given the importance of the gaming industry, there is also the opinions for hockey getting adapted in the between the desert.

But Negreanu says that, even though las Vegas is not hockey oriented yet, it can surely become one. He also pointed out that Vegas has its advantages as well.

Negreanu has also predicted that the team can be a great competitor "in four or five years," free agents can find their home in Las Vegas as a destination more attractive compared to many other NHL cities.

If Las Vegas is to get a franchise in the NHL, they could start playing already from the 2016-2017 season, even if the year after that, it may become a more realistic time frame.

The Las Vegas offered by Foley and the other in Quebec City, led by telecommunications company Quebecor are only two potential expansion franchise to be taken seriously by the NHL.

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It was a surprising turn of events at the Inaugural WPT Choctow Main Event.

In such tournaments, it's the former World Poker Tour winners that are expected to win. Nobody thought an amateur poker player would have a shot at winning. 

But Jason Brin did. An amateur poker player who owns a carpet store at De Soto Kansas, was declared as the first ever winner of WPT Choctaw. Brin managed to best a table of professional poker players, pocketing whooping $682, 975.

42 year old Brin, who is now a titleholder of a major poker title, topped 1,175 entrants and a final table loaded with champions, winning his first WPT title and taking home a prize of $682,975.

Brin is not the first carpet sale amateur to have won major poker events. In fact, he now joins the likes of Noel Furlong, the 1999 WSOP Main Event Champion.

Considering that Brin was overshadowed by the better known players at the final table, the result came as a surprise to many. What's more, he's one of the two shortest stacks remaining in contention at the final phase of the game.

So it's no wonder that the crowd is more interested on the two leaders, considering that Hwang and Darren Elias are no amateurs. In fact, Hwang was looking forward to winning his 2nd career WPT title. Elias, on the other hand, who sat second in chips, hoped to bag his 3rd WPT tournament in just less than a year.

But it was Brin who would get the coveted title instead.

"Oh boy, where to start?" wrote Brin excited on his Facebook page. "Sorry if I have not gotten back to you, I think my Facebook has crashed what better way is there of the League is the support from all of you. I melted when the last card landed."

Brin dedicated his surprising win to his late uncle Loren who, according to him, had taught him how to play the game in a kitchen table.